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Please bid with confidence - check my feedback - and remember unless stated otherwise on the auction page - that any item which fails to satisfy may be returned for a full refund (less shipping) I do not refund shipping costs because they are usually quite small (and they have been incurred) unless for any reason the item has been unwittingly substantially misdescribed.

Please note that I am a collector and bidder myself, and my intentions are to always treat my bidders as I would expect to be treated.

End of Auction

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At the end of auction I will send you an email setting out my name, address etc.

Included are payment methods accepted, how to calculate total due, how to calculate multiple item shipping costs and OPTIONAL extras such as recorded delivery, and a request for your name and address.

I "cut and paste" your address from your reply to generate the shipping label thus making it less likely that I can make a mistake when addressing your parcel.


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All items regardless - are packaged with care.

Unboxed models are wrapped in tissue or similar before being wrapped again in bubble wrap. Small accessories are enclosed in a separate plastic bag enclosed with the package.

Boxed models, where required, have additional protection placed within the box (in case the model should become free during transit.) They are then wrapped in bubble wrap.

Outer packaging is usually CUSTOM MADE from E Flute corrugated card to fit the item being shipped. This ensures little or no movement within the package during transit. (E FLUTE card is lightweight but strong - ensuring good protection but low shipping costs)

The recipients address is on a PRINTED label enclosed within the package as well as on the outside, together with my return address.

The package will have opening instructions on a printed label affixed to the package.

I do not attach any information to the outside of the package which draws unnecessary attention to a possibly valuable item within, other than any legally required documents on which models are described as TOYS.

Shipping Methods

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Items are despatched upon receipt of payment usually the same day wherever possible.

I generally send items via the British Royal Mail service unless otherwise requested.

I always obtain a Certificate of Postage.

International shipping items may be sent Airmail or surface mail - even to Europe.

Surface mail is much cheaper but takes up to 8 weeks for delivery.

Where the buyer accepts ALL RISKS in shipping either by selecting surface mail or by deduction of the insurance fee and any loss or damage occurs then I will do all that I can to help including providing certificates of postage copies and corresponding with the postal services, but I will not accept ANY liability other than any imposed by law.

Airmail is generally very reliable and is usually delivered within 8 days. UK to USA is 5 - 8 days. The shipping cost is usually quite reasonable except for relatively heavy items.

Shipping Times

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The following is a guide to USUAL shipping times

UK 1 -2 days
US/Canada AIRMAIL 4 - 8 days
Western Europe AIRMAIL 2 - 3 days
Eastern Europe AIRMAIL 3 - 4 days
Rest of world AIRMAIL 4 - 8 days

US/Canada SURFACE MAIL up to 8 weeks
Western Europe SURFACE MAIL 2 weeks
Eastern Europe SURFACE MAIL 4 weeks
Rest of world SURFACE MAIL up to 8 weeks

Shipping Charges

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I try to show shipping charges in all of my auctions so there are no unpleasant surprises for bidders.

I calculate shipping charges in advance by estimating the weight of packaging and weighing the lot being auctioned.

The rate shown on the auction page is the estimated actual cost of postage using the British Royal Mail tariffs converted when using US$ as the auction currency at a rate slightly above the current exchange rate. This is to cover my currency exchange costs.

I sometimes make a few cents extra - I sometimes make a few cents loss but........... The shipping charges shown on my pages are the charges that will be made over and above the final bid price, so YOU know where you stand before bidding.

There are NO hidden handling charges, or any other charges that are not shown on the auction page UNLESS it is for a specific service that YOU request such as recorded delivery or courier service etc.

I charge an insurance fee of $1.25 per auction lot included in the airmail and UK shipping charges on the auction page. This insures a total liability of up to $60 per item. The full terms and conditions of the insurance are to be found from a link on the auction page - or you can click here.

If you do not want insurance and are happy to accept ALL RISKS then the $1.25 fee may be deducted, as shown on the auction page.


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I accept a number of methods of payment (shown on the auction page) and try to be as flexible as possible, so if you wish to pay by a method not shown - please ask.

I accept payment in mixed currencies - so if you want to send some US$, some Euros, and some Swiss Francs to make your total payment - thats fine by me ! Do take appropriate precautions if sending cash by post - remember that coins in envelopes can often be felt from the outside and betray the prescence of cash. Most people are honest - but you may be unlucky.........I do not accept responsibility for lost postal payments.

US Buyers

I can and do accept US Domestic Postal Money Orders even though I am in the UK. (They get sent back to the US for encashment.) This is often one of the easiest and cheapest methods of sending payment - and they are widely available at your loacl convenience store.

I can and do accept personal checks if drawn on a US bank account in US$. I make no charge for this.

I acknowledge receipt of payment by email, and notify of despatch.


I understand that most people have a life other than auctions and occasionally payments can be delayed for a number of reasons. I am interested in concluding a deal as speedily as possible to our mutual satisfaction, so I ask that payment reaches me within 10 days of auction end. If you cannot do this, please keep me informed by email.

If I do not receive payment or hear from you within the ten days period I will send you a "memory jogger". Following that, in the event of no communication within 7 days, I notify the auction house to achieve a NPB(non-paying bidder) alert. This is NOT personal - it is merely a step I MUST take to ensure that I may get a refund of fees in the event that the auction is not finalised.


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I enjoy my auction deals - it is fun - and that is how it should be ! I try to make your deal with me a positive experience because I want to trade with you again.

If you think of something that I should include on this page please let me know.........and please remember I am human and can and sometimes do make mistakes.....but I will always do my best to rectify them if notified, as soon as possible. And sometimes computers can and will break down making communication difficult if not downright impossible.......and its not always yours or mine can be a server along the way...........:-)